Essential Daily Use Cosmetic Products for Women to Enhance Beauty

In today’s fast-paced world, women have become more conscious about their appearance and strive to look their best every day. With the wide range of cosmetic products available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones for daily use. In this blog post, we will explore a comprehensive list of essential cosmetic products that every woman should consider incorporating into her beauty routine. From skincare to makeup, we’ve got you covered!

1. Cleanser:

Cleansing Water

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as of February 14, 2024 3:50 pm

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Refreshing Micellar Magic. The media could not be loaded.  I absolutely love the Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water! It's become a staple in my skincare routine. The 125ml bottle is perfect for travel, and the formula is incredibly gentle yet effective at removing makeup and impurities. It doesn't leave any residue and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Plus, its soothing properties make it suitable for my sensitive skin. Definitely a must-have for anyone looking for a convenient and gentle cleansing solution!
Good product. I ordered this product for my sister, she says it is better than other makeup remover, it removes makeup smoothly.
Good product. Good product for your skin care routine for double cleansing.
Nice. "I absolutely love Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water! It's incredibly gentle on my skin and effectively removes all my makeup, even stubborn waterproof mascara, without any irritation. I have sensitive skin, and this product has been a game-changer for me. It leaves my skin feeling clean, refreshed, and hydrated, without any greasy residue. The 125 ml size is perfect for travel or keeping in my gym bag. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an efficient and gentle makeup remover and cleanser."
Removes makesup but my eyes starts itching after use. Removes makesup but my eyes starts itching after use. Puts you to instant sleep
Nice. Good product and value for money
Nice. Nice product.. easily remove the makeup
Good for double cleansing. I use this product whenever I use sunscreen on my face. My cleanser is mild and it is impossible to remove sunscreen from skin. But I use miceller water first, then wash with a mild cleanser.
As noted
It comes in various sizes. 125 ml is useful when traveling. It easily removes makeup as well as residue off the skin without any irritation.
Thi item was a joke.I paid a hefty price for what looked like a large bottle. I tried in vain to contact the seller to return the item but couldn’t find them after the purchase went through. Do not buy from this seller.
Be aware that this is a very small bottle - 125 ml. You can get over 13 oz. at Walmart at a cheaper price. I didnt' realize how small it was when I ordered.
They advertise it as 125ml, but it’s actually 100ml. I’ve been using this product for many years and when I opened the bottle, I realized it’s not the same product, this one is very much watered down. The protective seal is also missing, I will not be using this. You’re not allowed to return it, so this was a waste of money for me.

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The foundation of any beauty routine starts with a good cleanser. Choose a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type to remove dirt, oil, and makeup residue, leaving your skin fresh and clean.

2. Moisturizer:

Moisturizer for Face

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Rs. 330
as of February 14, 2024 3:50 pm

Hydrating your skin is crucial for maintaining its health and radiance. Look for a moisturizer that suits your skin type and provides essential hydration, helping to prevent dryness and lock in moisture throughout the day.

3. Sunscreen:


Rs. 399
Rs. 359
as of February 14, 2024 3:50 pm

Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is essential to prevent premature aging and reduce the risk of skin cancer. Invest in a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30, and apply it daily, even on cloudy days.

4. Foundation or BB Cream:

Liquid Foundation

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as of February 14, 2024 3:50 pm

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Easy to apply and lightweight. The applicator is alone loose otherwise the product works really well. As a beginner, i found it affordable, easy to use, blends well and lasts well.
Its great for daily use. As per my skin tone shade 1 suits me , it's a great foundation for daily use , light makeup , not sticky at all ,spreads evenly on the face , love the brand Lakme & thank you Amazon for delivering on time
Perfect. Using this for twent years now. No complaints. It protects your skin so well. Apply slowly, then less can be spread well. Avoid using on wet face - it will be mess. You can apply over serum, I apply vitamin c serum and then after 2 mins apply this.
Not seal packed. Cap not closed properly, foundation spread on box
Long lasting face. Like lakme
Quality and timely delivery. Package was received in good condition
Uff. Exactly Matched my skintione
Damaged. The media could not be loaded.  Damaged product
Good product
Brilliant product, smells nice and leaves the skin with a natural glow.

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For a flawless complexion, a foundation or BB cream is a must-have. Choose a product that matches your skin tone and provides the desired coverage, whether it’s a lightweight BB cream for a natural look or a full-coverage foundation for special occasions.

5. Concealer:

Full Coverage Concealer

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as of February 14, 2024 3:50 pm

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Flawless finish and long-lasting coverage. I recently have been using this concealer and am absolutely thrilled with the results! This concealer lives up to its promises, providing a matte and poreless finish that lasts throughout the day.The ultra-blendable formula makes application a breeze, effortlessly covering blemishes, dark circles, and imperfections. I appreciate that a little goes a long way, making the 6.8ml of product seem generous. The creamy texture glides on smoothly, allowing for easy blending without settling into fine lines.What sets this concealer apart is its ability to deliver full coverage without feeling heavy on the skin. It effectively conceals without caking, creating a natural look that enhances my features. The shade 25 Medium is a perfect match for my skin tone, brightening the under-eye area and providing a consistent finish.I have combination skin, and I appreciate how well this concealer controls shine without making my skin feel overly dry. It remains in place throughout the day, resisting the need for constant touch-ups. The matte finish adds a polished look to my makeup routine, and I've received compliments on how radiant and smooth my skin looks.In terms of durability, the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer has exceeded my expectations. It stays put even in humid conditions, maintaining its coverage without fading. The packaging is sleek and convenient, allowing for easy application on the go.Overall, I highly recommend the Maybelline New York Full Coverage Concealer in 25 Medium to anyone seeking a reliable, long-lasting concealer that provides full coverage without compromising on a natural finish. It has become a staple in my makeup routine, and I'm excited to continue using it.
Always a great purchase. I used this from years and I use it as a foundation more of the timeGreat formulation and blending on skinAnd Right shades available for Indian skin tone.
Excellent Product. Have been using concealer for years now its a great product easily blendable and coverage is also very good.
Good cover. Good covarage for applying make up
Good stuff. Nice cover all the defects
40 caramel. Product is gud and package is also gud but the quantity is very less it is exactly our finger size
Good coverage. Very good 👍
Unsatisfied shade and coverage quality. its not the shade like 50 cafe it's in it shade like caramel.i don't think it's genuine product. Think before buy it.
My wife was looking for a concealer that blended well with her skin. She loves Maybelline, so I opted for this Fit me concealer. My wife said she loves it for its lightness and ability to blend with her skin. On the other hand, she noticed that the outfit is not great all day long.She says for the price, it's a good deal. It conceals quite a bit, although it's not the best concealer she's used. She advises using a primer before concealer and touching up if necessary. A little setting powder and that's it. The applicator is easy to use and the 6 ml lasts quite a long time. The variety of shades is a big plus. For those with oily skin, she recommends preparing the skin well beforehand. And for more coverage, she suggests mixing it with another product that's a little thicker.
This concealer looks so good on the skin! Not cacky at all. Wide shade range! like my 6th bottle of this stuff! Im obsessed! Highly recommend
Amé el corrector, sin embargo el paquete no tiene sello de seguridad, no se veía usado pero no da confianza al 100%
Cubre muy bien la imperfección, calidad/precio muy bien
Belle trouvaille, je trouve cet anti cerne bien couvrant, avec une très bonne tenue

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To hide imperfections such as dark circles, blemishes, or redness, a good concealer is your secret weapon. Opt for a shade that matches your skin tone and has a creamy texture for seamless blending.

6. Mascara:


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Rs. 257
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as of February 14, 2024 3:50 pm

User reviews

Good. Useful
Curls effectively. But dries faster than others I suppose
Nice product. The media could not be loaded.
Burns in the eyes when removing. It has a curved plastic brush, that is less effective then the Max Factor 2000 calorie one. I don't agree that just one stroke gives big results. You have to give it several strokes compared to a curved brush.Also the container feels quite cheap.The result is okay and the waterproof one is good for a normal day. It's not clumsy and lasts well.But in the end of the day, when I'm removing the mascara from my eyes (I just wash it off with face wash and water) it makes my eyes burn. It only happens with this one, so there must be some irritating ingredient in it.Or something that is allowed in India, but not in Europe, where I usually buy mascaras from.I'm not going to buy it again! I recommend the max factor 2000 calorie pro stylist instead.
Your eyes look natural and beautiful. It's the kind of lashes that celebrities use to look "natural" without make-up, it's really amazing, it leaves your lashes natural without excess, long and curly.You can buy it and look great
Good. Not bad for this price
Long-lasting and smudgeproof. I love using this mascara. Once I switched to this there's no going back. Its deep black, smudgeproof and long-lasting for more than 12hrs. You can rub your eyes, cry, wash fash still it won't look messy. Easily Removable too once you wash your face with soap or facewash. My favourite so far for daily use.
I'm in love with this maskara. Best maskara ever

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Enhance your lashes and make your eyes pop with good quality mascara. Whether you prefer lengthening, volumizing, or curling effects, mascara is a staple in every woman’s makeup bag.

7. Lipstick or Lip Gloss:

Matte Lipstick

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as of February 14, 2024 3:50 pm

User reviews

Nice lipstick 💄. This lipstick is so good, matt yet creamy. Glides very smoothly, stays fairly long and such beautiful colors. I loved it so much that decided to order more colors after ordering one.
Creamy Matte Elegance. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick impresses with its velvety texture and vibrant pigments. The formula glides on smoothly, delivering a rich, matte finish that lasts. The wide range of shades caters to various preferences. Affordable and chic, this lipstick offers excellent value for money, combining quality and style for a budget-friendly beauty essential
perfect shade of pink. The smoothing texture of the lipstick is really 👌 and quality is Maybelline so what else would you wantcan use it for daily wear and a very good color fir party wear too .it was perfectly packed and came to me in good condition and I also purchased touch of spicel gave it to my daughter as she liked the shade very much
Pigment is good but the lipstick came broken. I was really excited for this one and when it arrived, the product packaging was really good. The design is also very chic. However, when i opened the lipstick, it was broken- the lipstick was stuck to the cap and i had to take it off and melt it and freeze it in order to fix it.Once done, i tried it on- and i was really impressed by the pigment.
True red shade. I was looking for a vibrant true red shade and finally found the perfect match. Very nice on the lips. Happy with my purchase.
Nice color. Beautiful red. Looks good. But does not last too long
Nice ahade. Repeated it, it’s very good
It's definitely not for me. The product quality is great 😊🤌🏻 but as per instruction the colour does not suit me at all 😂.... So yhh I'm gifting this to my mum
El color muy bonito , la consistencia muy rica
Me encanta el color 👍
Looks so cute on all the girls for dance recital
I like this particular spice colour it’s good for olive skin. Not to light in colour. On my skin tone it looks like a nude lipstick. I can’t wear the average nude colour as it is too pale on my skin. I use a spice lipliner and this particular spice lipstick. My lips look natural, bigger.. very moisturizing. No shine which is good. I don’t like glossy lipstick this lipstick brand is not dry it’s perfect. I’ve ordered it 6 times. I always try to find it in store but it’s most often sold out.
Très contente de mon achat. Livraison rapide. Article conforme à mon achat.Merci

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Add a touch of color to your lips with lipstick or lip gloss. Choose shades that complement your skin tone and opt for long-lasting formulas that keep your lips hydrated and vibrant throughout the day.

8. Blush or Bronzer:

Blusher & Highlighter

Rs. 400
Rs. 361
as of February 14, 2024 3:50 pm

To achieve a healthy glow and define your facial features, blush or bronzer is essential. Find shades that suit your skin tone and apply them to the apples of your cheeks or along your cheekbones for a natural flush or sun-kissed look.

9. Eyeliner:

Liquid Eye Liner

Rs. 250
Rs. 156
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as of February 14, 2024 3:50 pm

User reviews

Perfect. I don't know what to say... seriously it's my fav one...same like Swiss liner.....but Lakme is matte finish nd it's long-lasting, smudge-proof, water resistant, bold black colour...I love this liner 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻😘
Good liner worth the price. The eyeliner was smooth and water resistance and the quality was up to date as usual by Lakme easy to use and a good price which anyone can effort the appearance of the liner is good and the quality and quantity is worth the price.
Love it. Very dark, long lasting product. Easy to use.
Must have. I just really love this product..Atll time favourite eyeliner color is exactly as mentioned in the label..Well maintained quality.I just love to wear the eyeliner it's texture thick ess is next level..Do try worth for the money..
. The price for which I got is pretty decent and when it comes to it's brush I'm not satisfied... The end /tip of the brush is uneven, it make the application bit hard especially when drawing a winged line
Long-lasting. Good quality
Long lasting. Totally waterproof and smudge-proofEveryone should try this one for daily lifeVery long lastingStay intact until you remove it by yourself
Amazing, must try eyeliner. 1. It is better than the other products in market in terms of longevity. Stays on well for beyond 24 hours aswell2. It is waterproof so even if your face is exposed to water like in a rainfall, it will stay on3. It is skin friendly, thats the main benefit, no irritation nothing4. It DOESN'T SMUDGE at all, so you dont have to worry about your hands wiping off by mistake5. Its an Indian product unlike faces canada whose origins are made in china, so yes, you indirectly would help India industrialise and grow moreGO FOR IT !👍

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Whether you prefer a classic black wing or a subtle tight line, eyeliner helps define and accentuate your eyes. Choose between pencil, liquid, or gel eyeliner, depending on your preference and skill level.

10. Setting Spray:

Setting Spray

Rs. 899
Rs. 649
as of February 14, 2024 3:50 pm

To ensure your makeup stays in place all day, finish off your routine with a setting spray. It helps to lock in your makeup, control oiliness, and provide a fresh, dewy finish.

In the world of cosmetics, the options are endless. However, focusing on essential daily use products can simplify your beauty routine while ensuring you look and feel your best. From skincare to makeup, the list above covers the basics for every woman seeking to enhance her beauty. Remember, finding the right products for your skin type and personal preferences is key to achieving a flawless and confident look every day.

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