Cast Iron Cookware in India: A Timeless Tradition for Culinary Excellence

Cast iron cookware has been an integral part of Indian kitchens for centuries. Its durability, versatility, and ability to retain heat have made it a staple in traditional Indian cooking. From humble homes to high-end restaurants, cast iron cookware continues to be cherished for its exceptional performance and the unique flavors it imparts to dishes. In this article, we will explore the diverse uses of cast iron cookware in India and shed light on what not to cook with these iconic utensils.

The uses of cast iron cookware in India are endless. Let’s delve into some of the most popular ones:

1. Tadka or Tempering:

Aluminium Hard Anodised Tadka Pan

Rs. 475
Rs. 380
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as of June 8, 2024 10:07 am

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Good and useful. Good and sturdy design. Very useful product for kitchen
Good for using it for Tadka in daal abd other curries. Good for using it for Tadka in daal abd other curries.
Quality Product. Very comfortable to use
Good product for every kitchen. Prestige Aluminium Hard Anodised Tadka Pan is a good product. It is stylish, sturdy, and handy. You can easily use it for tadka.
Just awesome. Awesome.
Too small. 10 cm one might not be useful. It is too small for the purpose. You can't place on the gas because it will be in tilting angle inclined to the handle. May be useful for boiling one egg.
Good product. Easy to use. I've rated it 4 star as the product is good and it's very easy to use. You don't have to stand holding it over the burner while preparing something in it. Looks durable and sturdy.I would have rated it 5 star if it was compatible with induction cook-top.
sturdy and good. well suitable to my kitchen
Product met my expectations, however the delivery date was too long and hence this rating.
Arrived scratched. this coating will not last. Tiny!!! Too tiny
Washed in dishwasher once and a blackish powder coating keeps shedding ever since. Unusable!

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Tadka, the process of seasoning oil or ghee with spices, is an essential step in Indian cooking. The even heat distribution of cast iron pans ensures that the spices are perfectly roasted, enhancing the aroma and flavor of the dish.

2. Deep Frying:

Kadai for Deep Frying with Strong Wooden Handle

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Rs. 799
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as of June 8, 2024 10:07 am

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Perfect for a family of four. I wanted a solid no-nonsense wok. I love cooking and this was the perfect wok for my needs. It has just the right thickness, right size, right weight and sturdiness. I am writing this review after more than 18 months of regular use.1. You have to season it before first cooking (it is NOT pre-seasoned as claimed). You have to heat it on full flame, cool it down a bit and then rub in some cooking oil with piece of cloth/tissue to allow that oil to go up in smoke. Repeat it twice more. Now your wok is seasoned.2. After you finish cooking, wash it clean (need not scrub the blackened surface to metallic shine, no). Then wipe it dry and wipe it with just a few drops of oil to prevent rusting.3. If you see specs of rust, don't panic! It is iron, after all. Wash it clean and smear a drop of oil.I am now looking out for another one, this time slightly bigger.
Good cookware and sturdy but. Good cookware and sturdy but price is on the higher side compared to off the shelf in the market
Ohhh this is the POS of all products of this category. God damn worthless piece of metal I had ever bought. It is really a waste of money. The metal has been painted with some low-quality paint of some sort, and it chips off in very miniscule particles into the food. And oooo the food color changed because of the metal getting oxidised. This was even after very well-seasoned usage. The product is really garbage. Nothing is right with this company. This is the second time I have been made fool of its quality assurance.
I receive the product with Scretchess. The media could not be loaded.  I don't use the product...
Not good quality. In the very first use it has started rusting inside area of the work. It's very heavy but I'm sure this is not pure cast iron. The rust is not going after doing all the jugaads
Great quality. Worth it.
Uts quality is good. For home use this product is good.
Pure iron best quality. Best quality and handle was very good

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Cast Iron Kadai

Rs. 2,000
Rs. 1,099
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as of June 8, 2024 10:07 am

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Quality product. Very nice. But be cautious, it's heavy.
It is good but heavy in weight. I it's size and material, I don't like the weight. It is not practical.
Doubtful quality of material. - I do understand cast iron cookware is heavy. However, this product seems unusually heavier than other brands of cookware of same size and capacity.- The finishing is terrible. The surface is too rough to handle. The color is uneven, and shades of green-ish color all over. It feels greasy even after several cycles of washing/cleaning.- Could not return/exchange as the exchange window was closed.- After seasoning three times, every time I cook the food has a weird odor. The odor makes me think the material is not pure iron.- I have not used it after trying to use 3-4 times. I am frustrated that it occupies so much space in my small kitchen, is it unusable, and an utter waste of money.- I had bought this and a tawa of the same brand. Unhappy with the tawa as well. Not using both items.- I was 'penny wise and pound foolish' in this case.
Very heavy but not smooth finishing. The iron kadai is so strong. But it is not pre seasoned. When we wash and apply oil, we can see the rustiness. When we use the food items will turn to brown. Hope this issue will sort after several use.
Super. Its very useful, it brings health n tasty
Good product. Best kadai
Good product. The media could not be loaded.  Product is good, heavy little bit, one handle is not smooth texture but i think it's not big issue, let's see what's happen after use
Genuine Quality Longlasting Heavy Cast Iron Kadhai. Good quality legit cast iron. Surface inside is rugged or rough which may be good or bad depending upon your need. I didn't find that to be a problem. It comes with a coating not sure of what so I cleaned it up.. Did some seasoning myself and it was ready to go.Most importantly it is genuine cast iron which is really good for your Health. RBCs love and and they'll reward you with boosted healing power over time. And it's weight tells you that it's gonna last for a lifetime.Finally don't be turned down by the small effort of seasoning that's required for every cast iron utensil and yes go for it!The cookware we use is another secret to good health 😉

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Cast iron kadai (deep frying pan) is widely used for frying snacks like pakoras, samosas, and vadas. The heavy base and excellent heat retention allow for even frying and crispy results.

3. Slow Cooking:

Iron Dutch Oven With Lid

Rs. 20,999
Rs. 12,289
 in stock
as of June 8, 2024 10:07 am

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Combination of style and reliability. If you want the buying satisfaction,go for it.I have used it to make cake, roast chiken and kacchi biryani.Ideal for slow cooking and quality is far ahead of local brands.Once you buy,you will love it.
The King of cookware. I have recently become "addicted" to cast iron cookware, and Lodge just about make the best. I used this large pan today to make some "Kentucky Fried Chicken", and my verdict: 100%, absolutely magnificent. The reason appears to be that this (very) heavy cast iron pan "holds" a lot of heat, so that the oil (or water) does not cool down too much when you add the things to be fried/boiled; the food therefore gets sealed quickly, and cooks at an even and proper temperature. It may take a while to claw back your initial expenditure, but you'll benefit by having tastier and more succulent meals. A word of warning: all cast iron cookware should be "seasoned" before initial use by heating some cooking oil in them (read the instructions); after that, do not wash with detergents (they destroy the ingrained seasoning film) - simply use warm water and a scrubbing brush. Also, do not leave for long periods with water in them - they can rust! (If they do rust, it is quite easy to scrub and re-season them again; actually, they should last more than a life-time).
Lodge duch oven 5 quarts with 4.7 litre. I bought this duch oven during offer for 5300 time after discount on my credit card . Before this I have 10.25 inch lodge deep skillet. This duch oven lid fit to that skillet also. Now technically I have two duch ovens. Very good product to cooking meat. Before this duch oven I used pressure cooker to cook mutton curry. Heavy lid is very helpful to cook meat . Slow cooking in duch oven makes the curry testefull.capacity of this duch oven is 4.7 litre.
Excellent. Expensive, but good quality! It is little tricky to guess whether it fits into the oven or not if you have an OTG. Large and heavy, bearly fits into my 36lts oven and rack bends due to weight. But it works very well for baking sourdough bread.
Very happy with the product. The media could not be loaded.  Very good product, though a little but on expensive side since importing from US. The product is genuine. I re-seasoned it after getting it as i could see few small patches of rust on the area where lid and body meet. It is normal since not been used after manufacturing.I grilled a whole chicken on it on the same day I got it and it came out beautiful as expected
Got a crack on the lid of the dutch oven. I have got many Lodge pieces from skillets to enameled pans. Always knew this item would also be great. Unfortunately, I am working abroad and had ordered this piece at the home address. It was delivered quite some time before my holidays. When on holidays I was the first to open it and then to my real regret there was a crack on the lid. By then the time for return and replace was well over. I am not sure whether something can be done about it. The oven is in good condition, it’s the lid that’s got a crack on it, like it fell somewhere during transportation.Having said that, any Lodge cast iron piece is an asset even for posterity.
Great Product and will buy more from the Lodge range. Excellent Product from the Lodge range. My entire Kitchen cooking needs are met by a couple of Lodge pots and skillets. This 5 Qt is excellent for cooking for about 4 to 5 people. The flavour is really enhanced due to iron in the cooking. Would recommend this over non stick and Aluminium based wares(just throw them out). Health benefits can be seen as your hair grows stronger and Blacker. Cookings just got so thrilling thanks to Lodge
Best Buy. Picked this up as a wedding gift for a family friend. Made a set of 4 which covers breakfast,lunch and dinner . Not new to Lodge Castiron cookware and have a decent collection. Built to last a lifetime if some basic instructions are followed.
I like that this Lodge Dutch Oven is pre-seasoned. (Though I season all my cast iron regularly) In my experience so far, works very well for bread baking. The lid works well with another cast iron pan I use for cooking so that’s a bonus! Good quality and price. So glad I found it on Amazon, very convenient purchase.
I like the sturdiness of this Dutch Oven amazing
Terrific. Couldn’t be happier.High qualityI re-seasoned even though I comes pre-done.Large and heavy enough it doesn’t move around when stirring aggressively.Do you enjoy onion soup? This is your best friend.
Great quality and great results
Livraison rapide et correcte!

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Indian curries are renowned for their rich flavors, achieved through slow cooking. Cast iron Dutch ovens and handis are ideal for simmering curries, as they distribute heat evenly and retain it for a long time, resulting in tender and flavorful dishes.

4. Baking:

Cast Iron Baking Pan

Rs. 9,149
Rs. 4,179
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as of June 8, 2024 10:07 am

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This cast iron baking sheet delivers excellent caramelization on everything from chicken to potatoes to veggies. Contemplating purchasing a second one to do larger volume cooking. Lodge cast iron products are 5 star and the best!!!
This is really great. It's extremely versatile. I've used it in the oven for chicken, and also on top of two gas range burners as a griddle for pancakes, which saved a lot of time. It's surprisingly easy to clean even though I did not reseason it before using it out of the box, like is usually suggested for new "Lodge" cast iron products.The review section asks for a rating in the ease in cleaning, the versatility, and the... flavor? Oookay. Well...? The cast iron baking pan (sheet pan with sides?) has no flavor. So... that part is also good. No weird flavor. Also, just plain, it's got no flavor except when food is in it. Then it tastes like the food you put in it.*(*"This pan has a minty fresh flavor that wakes up your mouth" not appearing in this review. Also, "This pan tastes like pineapples and ginger ale" not appearing in this review.)Other useful information: It's got heft to it. It's not lightweight. This is hefty cast iron, it weighs more than a glass 9x13 deep baking dish does. Maybe twice what a glass baking dish of its same approximate size would weigh. The handles that are built in are really useful, super sturdy, but it's not a lightweight item. You'll want to use both handles (and some pot holders) when moving it into or out of the oven.Its sides are one inch in height which is sufficient for things like catching the moisture released during baking chicken, while still not being so tall that the sides would impact alternative functions such as using it for a cookie sheet.It takes a little while to cool down before/after cleaning it (and then drying briefly on either the stovetop or in oven so it's completely dry) before it can be put away. I also wouldn't wash it directly, piping hot, from the stove unless I was using equally hot water to wash it with. I think sudden huge temperature shocks could possibly damage this full sheet pan, like if using cold cold water on a hot iron pan.This was an expensive sheet pan- at least I thought so- but it's incredibly versatile and it's nicer having ONE really functional thing than it is having half a dozen nice things that are only functional for one or two applications. It's more minimalistic. It doesn't have toxic nonstick coating on it, so you can use any kind of utensil on it and still not consume the poisonous fumes or chipped teflon or whatever that other baking sheets usually have. It's just simple and does its job well.It heats evenly, just as all good cast iron does. Like other good cast iron cookware, it'll also probably still be doing just as well at what it does, many decades from now. BIFL
Crispy roasted potatoes that are not achievable with aluminum oven pans.
Great cooking pan! Omfg we are in love with it! Great craftsmanship!
These things ( I ordered 2) are a godsend. Nothing beats cast iron. Finally I can roast things in the oven at a high temp without the pan warping and twisting. These are rock solid and will last a lifetime. Everything tastes better cooked on it. You will never go back to teflon garbage after using these.

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Cast iron skillets and pans are excellent for baking bread, cakes, and even pizzas. The radiant heat from the iron imparts a unique crust and texture to the baked goods, making them more delicious.

5. Dosa and Roti Making:

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dosa Tawa

Rs. 1,800
Rs. 949
 in stock
as of June 8, 2024 10:07 am

User reviews

Amazing product. The dimensions are perfect for home cooking. You can make a dosa as good as a restaurant with this product. Season the pan with oil and fry some vegetables before you get started or else you will not be able to pick up the dosa ( gets stuck to the pan. It is great for one sided cooking of the dosa where the other side is soft. However, there is a process. 1) apply oil with a cut onion to evenly spread. 2) Keep the flame high and heat it well for a couple of minutes or so. 3) sprinke some cold water on the pan the water should steam up immediately ( means hot enough) 4) pour one large spoon of batter in the centre and spread it evenly starting from the center outwards. 5) Add some butter/ ghee/ oil on the spread open face of the dosa . When its cooked the batter starts leaving the pan from the edges ( if not use a stell flat spatula to lift it from the sides) when you see it brown and rosted fold it mid way keep for 30 seconds and then serve it . The other way of knowing is if the batter on the soft white open faced side is baked then it is ready to be folded . Cleaning - It's pretty heavy but you may just wipe it off from the top with a wet cloth instead of running it under the tap. The oil needs to stay on the pan as it's cast iron and may get rusted if unused for long . As far as hygiene is concerned ( leaving it unwashed with out a soap) at that high temperature all the unwanted bacteria that can harm you will die . Happy Dosa making and eating 😜
Very smooth and teen dosa. Product ok consume very less eat energy, but cost is just height
Good product. I recently purchased the Amazon Brand Cast Iron Dosa Tawa, and I am absolutely thrilled with its exceptional performance and outstanding quality. As a devoted dosa enthusiast, I've tried various tawas over the years, but this one has truly stood out in terms of its craftsmanship and cooking results.First and foremost, the build quality of this cast iron dosa tawa is remarkable. It's evident that Amazon has paid great attention to detail in its construction. The heavy-duty cast iron material ensures excellent heat distribution and retention, allowing for even cooking across the entire surface. This is particularly crucial when it comes to preparing dosas that require consistent heat across the tawa, and this product delivers flawlessly.One of the standout features of this dosa tawa is its pre-seasoned surface. This not only saves time and effort but also contributes to the authentic taste and texture of the dosas. The non-stick properties of the pre-seasoned surface work wonders, requiring minimal oil for cooking and producing dosas that are delightfully crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.I was also impressed by the ergonomic design of the tawa. The handle is well-crafted, offering a comfortable grip and allowing for easy flipping and maneuvering while cooking. The size of the tawa is just right, accommodating both smaller and larger dosas without any hassle.In terms of maintenance, the Amazon Brand Cast Iron Dosa Tawa is relatively easy to care for. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and seasoning to maintain its performance and longevity, but with proper care, this tawa is sure to last for generations.Overall, I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase of the Amazon Brand Cast Iron Dosa Tawa. It has elevated my dosa-making experience to a whole new level, delivering consistent, restaurant-quality results every time. If you're a dosa lover or simply someone who appreciates high-quality cookware, investing in this tawa is undoubtedly a decision you won't regret.
Low grade product. The product doesn't suit the description. Surface is started coming out. We followed the exact prep instructions for the product. The dosa Or something we try to cook doesn't cook and sticks. Have bought multiple products from Solimo. This is not a good performing product.
It is not seasoned for sure. It is good quality tawa. But not seasoned. You have to do procedure of seasoning at home.
Value for money. Need little seasoning and later it works. Tasty dosas. Value for money.
Good. Heat quickly and remain for long time... good for health..easy to use and maintain... appearance is same as shown in picture....easy to clean... performance is good but middle portion got heat quickly and dosa burns from middle portion very quickly if wo cook in high flame 🔥
Heavy duty. Dear friends first of all if you are using cast iron product then you have to need patience , it takes one - two times to be worked properly. Absolutely fine product to used. Like it very much👍👍

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Cast iron tawas (griddles) are the go-to utensils for making dosas and rotis. The even heat distribution ensures that the pancakes and bread are uniformly cooked, with a perfect balance of crispness and softness.

Despite the numerous advantages of cast iron cookware, there are a few dishes that should be avoided when using these utensils:

1. Acidic Foods: The high iron content in cast iron cookware can react with acidic ingredients like tomatoes, tamarind, and vinegar, resulting in a metallic taste. It is advisable to use stainless steel or non-reactive cookware for such dishes.

2. Delicate Fish and Seafood: Delicate fish and seafood can stick to the surface of cast iron pans, making them difficult to cook and possibly ruining their texture. Non-stick pans or stainless steel alternatives are better suited for these ingredients.

3. Quick Stir-Fries: Cast iron pans take longer to heat up compared to other materials. Therefore, quick stir-fries that require high heat and fast cooking may not yield the desired results. Lighter pans with better heat conductivity are more suitable for this purpose.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in cast iron cookware in India, with many appreciating its health benefits. Cooking with cast iron can increase the iron content in food, which is particularly beneficial for individuals with iron deficiencies. Additionally, the non-toxic nature of cast iron makes it a safer alternative to non-stick cookware, which may release harmful chemicals when heated.

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